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Silver Penny

In 1943, in order to conserve copper for wartime efforts, pennies were made of steel and coated with zinc. We love this little anecdote as a metaphor for our business which is built on the premise that money should be put to the highest use in achieving our client’s goals. Rather than being an end in itself, wealth is a means for reaching life’s ambitions.

Rich History of Relationship

Silver Penny is the successor of two financial planning practices with well established histories of serving clients to and through retirement. Bob Cowan and Tom Maiwald, long-time friends and associates at Lincoln Financial, each built businesses around simplifying complex financial matters for hard working Americans who wanted to better their family’s future. Both men also invested in mentoring the next generation of advisors in their respective firms - sharing expertise, values and vision with those who would one day be trusted to lead and serve their clients.

Bob founded Cowan Financial Group in 1979 after working several years in education. He discovered a passion and talent for helping teachers to plan for retirement. He built a successful practice and served as a pillar in the community through his work with rotary and various charitable organizations. Bob’s daughter, Charlotte Geletka, joined him in 2007 after working for several years with the North Carolina Retirement plan. They share a special bond as they continue to work together, building the business through a focus on client relationships.

Tom was a West Point graduate, an Army Ranger, a loving father and husband, and so much more to so many people. He built his firm from a conviction that service to others is one’s greatest calling. After a lionhearted, 16 year fight, Tom passed away from cancer in 2012. He left a legacy of faith, commitment to excellence, and strength in leadership to his family, community, clients and his successor, Jason Walker. With 5 years experience working under Tom, Jason stepped into the lead advisor role in 2012. Since that time, Jason has continued to grow the practice in line with Tom’s vision of being the trusted advisor of choice.

Like their predecessors, Charlotte and Jason share these values and vision. Silver Penny represents collaboration to deliver the best possible outcome and customer experience. All of our advisors are committed to bringing simplicity and clarity to the financial life of their clients with integrity and personalized, relational service. Working from our strong foundation, along with all the individuals that make up the team at Silver Penny, we are proud of our heritage and excited about our future.

Our Principles at Work

  • The market doesn’t care about what you want. But we do.
  • We measure our success through the life goals you reach.
  • Financial coaching isn’t a product, but a partnership.